by Next City & CommonFuture

Our mainstream banking system is failing most of us. This ebook includes stories about the people and organizations working to make the system work better for everyone — no matter their race, zip code or socioeconomic status.

It’s not controversial to state that the mainstream banking system is failing many people.

One year ago, ​​Silicon Valley Bank failed after a bank run, along with Silvergate Bank and Signature Bank. But we know that the problems extend beyond one bank or credit union. The problems are systemic. Millions of people live in banking deserts, experience extractive and discriminatory practices, or have been affected by bank failures.

As Oscar Perry Abello, Next City’s senior economic justice correspondent, notes in a piece for this ebook, “The banking system has never worked perfectly, yet it’s always been on the path to improving.”

With room for even more improvement, the people highlighted in this anthology are working in financial institutions and have set goals to right the wrongs of the banking system. These community-level solutions being built to address the failures of our banking system require our attention, participation, and funding to challenge the dominant banking system effectively.

Next City has partnered with Common Future to showcase our coverage of the banking system, which shines a light on innovative solutions that have been built despite the challenges of existing in our current extractive systems.

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