On June 13, 2023, Congressman Danny Davis introduced the National Infrastructure Bank Bill H.R.4052 into the 118th Congress. The bill calls for a $5 trillion National Infrastructure Bank (NIB) to build all the Nation’s infrastructure.

As noted on Congress.gov, H.R.4052 is “To facilitate efficient investments and financing of infrastructure projects and new job creation through the establishment of a National Infrastructure Bank and for other purposes.”

The Congressman announced the introduction of H.R.4052 in a video presentation delivered at a National Zoom Town Hall on June 15, 2023, sponsored by the Coalition for a National Infrastructure Bank, entitled, Elected Officials to Congress: “National Banking Will Build Infrastructure for All.”

Congressman Davis sponsored two similar bills in previous sessions of Congress.

Watch the video.
Learn more from the Coalition for the National Infrastructure Bank at NIBcoalition.com.