At the Alliance, we are always expanding our understanding of both the challenges and wisdom inherent in the land and rich cultures of New Mexico. One powerful example of a democratic practice that benefits all New Mexicans is our acequia system. The acequia culture that is present in New Mexico today roots back into ancient traditions and is considered by many to be the oldest democratic practice in North America. For hundreds of years, New Mexicans have worked together to allocate, distribute, and manage the flow of water across our state. There are currently more than 800 ditches in operation and every one of them depends on cooperation for the good of all. The NM Acequia Association’s mission includes the protection of water, growing healthy food for families and communities, and honoring the cultural heritage of those communities. Acequias are living proof that communal ownership and democratic access to precious resources are both sustainable and resilient.

Can we do this with the precious resource of money?

The Alliance knows that we New Mexicans, with our long history of acequia cultures, CAN build a state public bank that emulates the strength and clarity of this ancient life-sustaining democratic practice.

Centering relationships and responsibilities, built on cooperation, and focused on the well-being of all, a NM state public bank will invest New Mexico revenues in New Mexicans, strengthening our communities from the inside out. As with the acequias, regional needs and aspirations are identified by locals and incorporated into planning the flow of resources. For the bank, this means lending programs are recommended to the state bank board, made up of both financial lending and community development expertise. Their goal would be to make investments in New Mexicans that are not currently being made. Without those investments, we experience withering rural communities, sales of land to corporate landowners, loss of cultural traditions, and limitations on the capacity to adapt agriculture practices in response to climate disruption.

Like the life-giving flow of water through the acequias, The Flow of Money through a NM Public Bank bank could look like this:

This flow nourishes stronger, healthier communities that are supported in their shared values and customs in which people can choose to remain, work and flourish in their communities.

YOU can help make this FLOW a reality! Your support of the Alliance will keep the pressure on to ensure that public bank funding is included in October’s draft budget through:

  • Advocacy with legislators and scheduling of interim committee hearings.
  • Enhanced detailing of legislation with executive branch departments.
  • Increased outreach through allied organizations and community groups.

Our impact will keep New Mexico money flowing throughout our communities in support of shared community values, traditions, and visions that increase prosperity for all!