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Banking on Colorado: Bringing Our Money Home Conference Videos

Supported by a grant from the Denver Foundation, Be the Change — USA, along with the Rocky Mountain Employee Ownership Center and the Public Banking Institute, hosted a conference in Denver in 2015, Banking on Colorado: Bringing Our Money Home. Videos here are from the entire event. Introductory Address – Nomi Prins: Wall Street and […]

Seattle Forum on Public Banking

The city council of the City of Seattle held a public meeting, Public Forum: The Possibility for a Public Bank in Seattle to discuss, with experts in the field, the possibility of establishing a public bank. This “Public Banking 101” presentation is by Gwendolyn Hallsmith, past Executive Director of the Public Banking Institute. The video […]

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april, 2021

08apr12:00 pm1:00 pmVirtual Backyard Compost TrainingsLearn how to keep their food scraps and yard debris out of the trash

09apr8:00 am9:30 am"Moonshot": Hiring and Training a Workforce for 21st Century Jobs Focusing on the challenge of assimilating tens of millions of new employees into high-paying jobs in infrastructure projects

09apr10:00 am11:00 amPublic Banking Coalition Monthly Conference CallLearn more about Public Banking, discuss current issues and get updates on the movement.

14apr10:00 am11:00 amVirtual Backyard Compost TrainingsLearn how to keep their food scraps and yard debris out of the trash

19apr6:00 pm7:00 pmVirtual Backyard Compost TrainingsLearn how to keep their food scraps and yard debris out of the trash

21apr6:00 pm7:30 pmRegenerative AgriculturePart of NMSU’s series of Environmental Sustainability Talks

The Benefits of Forming a NM Public Bank

Retake Our Democracy
Jun 23, 2020

AFLEP is joined by Ellen Brown, Chair of the Public Banking Institute, and Paul Stull, President and CEO of the Credit Union Association of New Mexico for this panel discussion about the potential benefits of a New Mexico state public bank. Panel facilitated by Retake Our Democracy.

Truthout - FAIR Podcast - AFLEP

California’s New Public Banking Option Opens Door for Real Community Investment

Economy & Labor
Oct 22, 2019

Janine Jackson interviews Public Bank LA’s Trinity Tran about public banking for the October 11, 2019, episode of “CounterSpin.”

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It's Our Money with Ellen Brown

Banking on the People by Ellen Brown - AFLEP

Ellen Brown’s
2019 Book

Today most of our money is created, not by governments, but by banks when they make loans. This book takes the reader step by step through the sausage factory of modern money creation, explores improvements made possible by advances in digital technology, and proposes upgrades that could transform our outmoded nineteenth century system into one that is democratic, sustainable, and serves the needs of the twenty-first century.

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Join those who’ve endorsed a Public Bank for New Mexico

Paul Gibson endorses Public Banking NM


“I had the good fortune to work on this initiative before Bernie kidnapped all my time. This is one of those no-brainer initiatives that only the 1% could oppose. It has the potential to save the state millions of dollars by vastly reducing the cost of its bonds to improve infrastructure funding. in a public bank, our state funds can be used to build our local economy and our local infrastructure.”

– Paul Gibson
Retake Our Democracy