Where We Are Going

With gratitude, we offer the following:

It is said that if you do not know where you have been or where you are, you cannot know where you are going. The Alliance for Local Economic Prosperity knows where we have been and where we are, and we want to share where we are going!

Growing Together: AFLEP 2012-2022:

Grassroots and Beyond

  • The Creation of AFLEP: Originally, two smaller organizations were based in the City of Santa Fe and Central New Mexico, advocating for public banking. Recognizing the limitations of being small organizations, in 2018, these entities joined forces to create a larger, more effective organization (AFLEP) in the hopes that a united front could achieve a more sustainable impact. The organization aims to identify and address the root causes of community decline, poverty, and inequality. The team identifies Public Banking as a priority and significant initiative toward economic prosperity for ALL people in the State of New Mexico.
  • Vision to Implementation: AFLEP Board is assembled and hires the Executive Director and additional staff to create a professional team of experts to help the vision become a reality. Additionally, AFLEP increased its community engagement throughout New Mexico, creating a foundation of dedicated allies and endorsements from local communities and non-profits.
  • Legislative initiatives: Knowing the challenges of statutory reform, AFLEP began vetting legislative processes in tandem with building grassroots support. To date, AFLEP has tendered a memorial and two draft bills to identify opportunities and challenges with initial sponsors and legislators and to educate the state leadership on the value and importance of public banking. AFLEP has spent resources on testing legislative language to ensure the final bill will be appropriate and genuinely meets the needs of underserved New Mexican entrepreneurs

Catalysts for Change

AFLEP, our allies and other organizations in concert, are catalysts in increasing awareness of the need for small businesses. As a critical member of the AFLEP team, your donations have been instrumental in our success to date:

  • Building the Foundation for Change: Increased support through education and outreach to decision-makers in local and state governments, advocacy groups, and economic development organizations. AFLEP has developed a more sophisticated understanding of challenges and opportunities in achieving our mission through this process. Leaning into the concerns of a range of organizations has profited AFLEP with the unique perspective of viewing public banking through a diverse and dynamic set of analytical lenses. Finally, AFLEP has built action-driven, impactful, sustainable relationships with organizations to identify and address economic prosperity when and where it is most needed.
  • Strategic Engagement: Attending state-wide gatherings, including, the Rural Conference at the Roundhouse, the Outdoor Economic EXPO in Taos, the annual NM Food and Agriculture Council’s awards event, and the Governor’s Economic Development Conference in Albuquerque enhancing recognition and access to people of different job levels and insights.
  • Influencing Decision-makers: A sustained legislative presence is essential to long-term success for the people of New Mexico. AFLEP has remained agile and proactive primaraly because of generous donors. As the economic environment has shifted (COVID, inflation, etc.) donations have allowed the AFLEP team to develop strong relationships with legislative sponsors and to strategically engage the Executive branch and critical stakeholders in the financing arena. Additionally, the team has presented to multiple interim legislative committees, most recently the Investment and Pension Oversight Committee and the Economic Development and Policy Committee.
  • Expanding our Horizons: Outreach in Las Cruces, Silver City, Las Vegas, Taos, and Raton areas yielded a better understanding of the diverse and dynamic needs of the Communities and people of the State of New Mexico.
  • Branding and Marketing AFLEP Mission and Vision: Identified better methods and tools for sharing community needs and dreams, including multimedia platforms like the video “Growing a Prosperous Future.” The team developed traditional and trending communication platforms to connect credible experts to various organizations and professional and passionate community members.
  • Diversity Matters: Began assembling a Board whose membership genuinely represents the demographics of the people of New Mexico.
  • Legislative Initiatives: Public banking alone will not fulfill all the gaps related to economic prosperity needs. AFLEP has identified multiple legislative initiatives in education, economic development, and small business expansion which have been added to our legislative priorities for the 2023 Regular session. AFLEP will devote resources to partnering with these initiatives to secure awareness and legislative success for community wellbeing. In anticipation of the next phase of legislative action, AFLEP has retained a government liaison with experience and legislative relationships to develop and implement the “next step” in the legislative process. A governmental affairs liaison will assist AFLEP in leveraging the community outreach successes to attain legislative support and statutory reform. Diversity and equitable access to financial resources are critical to achieving economic resilience for all New Mexicans.
  • Credibility and Data Assurance: AFLEP has engaged a third-party review of public banking performance and financial outcomes. Although AFLEP has financial experts within its membership, it is essential to confirm and validate AFLEP assumptions with a third-party audit to ensure the integrity of data-driven assumptions projecting public banking performance.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

You are lovely and supportive donors. Thank you for your generosity. Thank you for making every dialogue possible, including every email and phone call that resulted in the list above. Thank you for understanding our mission – to create local economic prosperity by increasing equitable access to and opportunities for financial resources throughout New Mexico. AFLEP advocates for the Public Bank of New Mexico as a tool to create opportunities for local communities. Our Goal remains prosperity for our state.

The Challenge Grant

In a time of economic uncertainty, we are grateful for an opportunity to offer you a way to invest that increases resources and truly supports this socially responsible initiative. Between now and December 31st, 2022, every dollar donated will be matched up to $25,000. This means every dollar donated is doubled in value. We invite you to be part of the change!

With your investment, AFLEP can start 2023 with the financial resources to help initiate and implement the final phase of this much-needed endeavor.

Please take advantage of this financial opportunity and donate today. Be sure to donate before this year ends.


What Your Investment Means for the Future

AFLEP anticipates us being in the last critical phases of making the vision of economic prosperity a reality for ALL New Mexicans. AFLEP has worked diligently to create a foundation for success by leaning into the challenges of creating a Public Bank of New Mexico. Through this process we have developed strong allies, educated leadership, vetted language, and developed genuine relationships with communities, organizations and professionals to ensure we “get it right.” With your help, we can complete the journey.

What is Next

  • Facilitating a United Front: Interest groups and organizations serving the most needy members of New Mexico have been siloed. AFLEP intends to use the developed relationships to unify many diverse organizations to speak with one voice.
  • Enhancing Support: Building a grassroots initiative and foundation for success has been a critical value of AFLEP. However, it is time to make an impact and effect change with State leadership. AFLEP will devote resources to enhancing allies in the New Mexico Finance Authority, Legislative Finance Authority, New Mexico Economic Development Department, and broader Executive Branch agencies. Additionally, AFLEP will proactively engage the opposition to educate and find common ground, laying the groundwork for a collaborative and inclusive legislative initiative.
  • Legislative initiative: AFLEP’s core mission is to improve Local Economic Prosperity for all New Mexicans. Public banking remains a critical initiative.  Accordingly, AFLEP  has identified several statewide initiatives that align with our mission. Building on our grassroots, AFLEP will focus on promoting and supporting a range of economic development issues, including membership on Department of Economic Development advisory boards, supporting NMFA in key economic development arenas, and broadening the AFLEP brand to be in line with its mission. Passing the legislation needed to create a public bank is a 4-7 year endeavor. AFLEP has been diligent in setting our foundation for success. At this point in our campaign, AFLEP will devote critical resources to gain support from vital legislative members and finalize comprehensive and practical bill components. AFLEP anticipates successful passage of legislation no later than 2024.

Final thoughts for your consideration

AFLEP defines local prosperity by the quality of people’s lives and community wellbeing.
The goal is to move New Mexico to the TOP of the good lists and the bottom of the bad lists!

Imagine if:
our children scored at the top of the reading and math tests,
our high school graduation rate was above national standards,
childhood poverty no longer threatened families,
every town and village had access to fresh food and health care services,
plentiful financial options were accessible for start-up businesses, local restaurants, child care services, small farmers, livestock breeders and ranchers, food processors, musicians and artists, residents, tourists,
…and ALL New Mexicans.
Together we can build a better future in New Mexico!


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