Image by 3D Animation Production Company from Pixabay

By Clifton Chadwick, Santa Fe New Mexican | August 29, 2021

The piece by Sen. George Muñoz (“Stimulus — spent right — will promote opportunity,” My View, Aug. 23) about “not squandering” New Mexico’s share of federal stimulus money is right on, well, the money. And who knows the needs and concerns of New Mexicans better than New Mexicans?

Imagine having financing available for projects that “support and enhance existing industry while also diversifying our revenue streams, improving quality of life through enhanced education, roads and health care systems, and retain and attract a quality workforce” as Muñoz writes — financing run by New Mexicans rather than out-of-state shareholders.

That possibility, a New Mexico Public Bank, presented to the state legislators during the 2021 legislative session, will likely be presented in 2022. The Alliance For Economic Prosperity ( has advocated for a public bank precisely because “We must utilize and invest those dollars in a way that will foster new growth in the economy and improve quality of life for all New Mexicans.”