Seal of Anchorage, Alaska. Wikimedia Commons.

By National Infrastructure Bank Coalition | July 29, 2021


The Anchorage Municipal Assembly has recently passed a resolution supporting HR3339 and the creation of an NIB.

The resolution states in part:

“WHEREAS, Alaska received a grade of C in 2017. The state has over 280 rural communities, 31 of which have no centralized water or wastewater system and rely on hauling water from near by rivers or lakes. Alaska has a total estimated funding need of $1.5 billion for water and wastewater systems, and

WHEREAS, the Port of Alaska, here in Anchorage, receives approximately 85% of all consumer goods entering the state for use in the railbelt, is currently unable to adequately fund a needed Modernization project, and

WHEREAS, there is a shortage of adequate shelter in Anchorage. As of January 2020, Anchorage’s official homeless population was 1058, with 1003 people living in shelters and 55 living outside. Anchorage needs approximately 1700 rapid rehousing units and 700 units for permanent supportive housing, this is an increase from the prior year, and….”